Workers conditions: Code of Conduct

Icebug has long and strong relationships with the key suppliers

Our strategy for securing that people are not exploited making Icebug products has relied heavily on working directly with a few good footwear factories, and second-tier suppliers for key components, spending a lot of time on site, checking that conditions are acceptable. In September 2022 we just restarted visits from Icebugs HQ staff that has been paused during the Covid pandemic.

Factories must have a high standard to get operation permits from government and to pass third-party audits. They also have to create an inviting environment for the workers. Our factories are all high level in workmanship quality, proper safety and cleaning systems. Workers live with their families in the local community and commute either with their scooters or public transportation.

Since December 2020 Icebug is member of Fair Wear Foundation, an international non-profit organization with focus on labour conditions in garment and footwear production, see The mission is to help the industry to secure safe, dignified and properly paid employment for their workers. Icebug commits to the Fairwear Code of Labour Practice that includes eight aspects of labour conditions, that are checked in social audits and followed up regularly, see image below.




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